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While normally in Japan you would say “I accept the terms of the contract.” Now you can say that as well as say Squirtle. In Japan, it is required that adults use a personal seal when signing legal documents. The name for the seal is Hanko or Inkan. This seal is signed by using a red ink. It also contains your last name in the middle of a circle. This is a confirmation of your acceptance to a contract or document. As luck would have it, now you can do that and show your love for Pokémon.



Personal seal maker Hankos has just released its Pokémon Pon Inkan (pon being the Japanese onomatopoeia for pressing down a stamp with a forceful flourish). Below are examples of some seals you can get. The most used Pokémon in their advertisements are of course Pikachu.



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Hankos is offering no fewer than 151 different designs, covering the entire roster of original Kanto Region Pocket MonstersPokémon Pon personal seals can be ordered online through Hankos’ store on either Rakuten or Yahoo! Prices start at 2,000 yen (US$18) for the self-inking version, while the wooden and horn seals are 5,000 yen each.



If I move to Japan, I will be getting this. In the Philippines, you cannot use this. What say you?







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Source: PR Times, Hankos

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