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The Idol genre seems to be a a void that needs to be filled. Perhaps Back Street Girls can be what the genre has needed. It’s premise is simple but so strange. A yakuza boss orders three of his men to undergo extensive surgeries to transform them into an idol group to perform his songs. Because obviously that is the solution. 



Back Street Girls is a manga by Jasmine Gyuh that began in 2015, it is about to get the full anime treatment in a series airing on Japanese TV from 3 July. Here is the trailer below.







The story follows three members of the Inukin yakuza family, Kentaro Yamamoto, Ryo Tachibana, and Kazuhiko Sugihara, who, under orders from their leader (who also happens to be a genius producer-songwriter) get extensive surgery to become Airi Yamamoto, Mari Tachibana, and Chika Sugihara. Those who want to find out can tune in when it airs on BS11, Tokyo MX, and MBS. It shouldn’t be boring. 




A group of 3 yakuza failed their boss for the last time. After messing up an important job, the boss gave them 2 choices: honorably commit suicide, or go to Thailand to get a sex reassignment surgery in order to become “female” idols. After a gruesome year training to become idols, they successfully debut, with overwhelming popularity, much to their dismay. This is where their tragedy truly begins.






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