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Working out ‘Karkidaka Chikitsa’, the rejuvenating and detoxifying Ayurvedic remedy for monsoon

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The monsoon is marked through a dip in temperature, mouthwatering cuisine, festivities, and the earthy odor of the rain that makes the whole lot appear higher. However, as we all know, it additionally brings alongside a number of seasonal sicknesses, principally gastrointestinal and vector-borne infections. “Chilly and flu are commonplace throughout the wet season and those are normally because of fluctuation within the temperature and climate prerequisites,” Dr Gaurav Jain, Senior Marketing consultant, Inner Drugs, Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Health center mentioned. As such, it turns into a very powerful to undertake wholesome way of life behavior, particularly throughout those months, for holistic well-being.

Agreeing, Dr Archana Sukumaran, an Ayurveda physician (BAMS) at Kerala Ayurveda, defined that as the ambience transitions from scorching, sunny, and dry to chilly, moody and humid, the frame takes a while to regulate. “It’s believed that the frame will get extra prone to breathing, digestive, and musculoskeletal illnesses throughout this time of the 12 months. Prerequisites like joint irritation and different inflammatory illnesses, allergic reaction, cough, chilly, pores and skin issues, digestive woes, and water-borne illnesses are commonplace on this local weather.”

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Ayurveda, which is in accordance with the realization that well being and wellness rely on a gentle steadiness between the thoughts, frame and spirit, highlights that seasonal adjustments can considerably decrease one’s immunity. To triumph over those difficulties confronted through our frame throughout this season, many practise the Ayurvedic protocol of ‘Karkidaka chikitsa’.

What’s Karkidaka chikitsa?

Karkidaka or Ramayana masa is the remaining month of the normal Malayalam calendar — from mid-July to mid-August. This 12 months, it began on July 17 and can finish on August 16. “Karkidaka additionally corresponds to the Shravana month within the South of India. Within the Northern calendar, this falls between Amavasya of Shravana to Amavasya of Bhadrapad,” Dr Zeel Gandhi, In-house Skilled(BAMS) for inner medication, Panchakarma remedies, Yoga and Ayurvedic vitamin, Vedix, mentioned.

As such, Karkidaka chikitsa is a distinct set of remedies followed for this month, mavens mentioned. Dr Sukumaran highlighted that this protocol isn’t present in classical texts and has been shaped through the years in Kerala as a result of its geographic and climatic peculiarities. “It comprises Keraleeya panchakarma chikitsa, nutrition amendment, and wholesome regimes. It’s been adopted through Keralites for hundreds of years and has turn out to be one of the vital vital elements for well being and immunity,” she mentioned.

Kizhi (Supply: Kerala Ayurveda)

It’s because monsoon unleashes its complete splendour and glory in Kerala and, thus, adopting a selected regimen to deal with excellent well being throughout this month is the normal knowledge, Dr Gandhi mentioned.

Ayurveda and monsoon

Ayurveda considers the monsoon (Varsha Ritu) as a length wherein the Shareera Bala and Agni Bala hunch to their minimal.

Elaborating, Dr Sukumaran mentioned: “The frame continues to be processing the transfer from the new summer season, and immunity is compromised throughout this adaptation procedure. Ayurveda addresses those adjustments with the assistance of 3 doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The steadiness between those doshas may be very subtle, and a gentle shift in environment, nutrition, or routine can disrupt the similar.”

All over this season, our doshas are impacted within the following techniques:

*The piercing chilly and unceasing showers irritate Vata dosha.
*Pitta ranges are irked through the amlavipaka (higher acidity) of crops and water our bodies because of rain falling on soil heated through the summer season.
*Kapha may be suffering from the chilly and humidity.

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Those altered doshiks ranges result in “diminished frame staying power, and hampered digestive hearth (Agni) problem the whole well being on this season- and this must be looked after,” she mentioned.

That is the place Karkidaka chikitsa comes into the image. On being requested why this remedy works highest within the monsoon, the Ayurvedic professional defined, “The wet and rainy local weather cools down the frame and makes the tissues cushy sufficient to soak up the drugs. Because the Varsha Ritu is claimed to be the time that provides one power (visarga kala) in comparison to the summer season that takes away the similar, it’s protected to think that the frame is of course in a position for remedy. The Karkidaka chikitsa takes benefit of this vantage level.”

How does it paintings?

The objective of Karkidaka chikitsa is, as mentioned, to revive the doshik steadiness. In Ayurveda, it’s accomplished through using an suitable nutrition, right kind routine, and unique panchakarma procedures, Dr Sukumaran mentioned. She famous that Karkidaka chikitsa is regularly accomplished in a preventive facet slightly than healing.

Shirodhara (Supply: Kerala Ayurveda)

She detailed the next 3 elements of Karkidaka chikitsa.

Nutrition – Any nutrition plan will have to contain meals that doesn’t purpose hassle with digestion. The meals ate up will have to be mild, non-spicy, scorching, and in much less amount. Karkidaka kanji or oushadha kanji is an unique medicated gruel, ready with njavara rice, pulses, herbs, and spices. Ashta choornam, an Ayurveda treatment with carminative herbs, like hing, jeera assist relieve bloating.

Routine – Even if all 3 doshas are impaired, Vata undergoes extra vitiation in Karkidaka. Heading off regimens that additional irritate Vata will have to no longer be entertained.

Panchakarma procedures – Panchakarma purification remedies like Vasti (medicated enema), Vamana (emesis), Virechana (purgation), Nasya (nasal errhines) preceded through right kind Abhyanga (Oil therapeutic massage) with Dhanwantharam Thailam, Snehapana (administering of medicated ghee), and Panchakarma remedies like Pizhichil, Kizhi, Dhara, and many others display highest ends up in regulating the doshas.

Dr Gandhi defined that every one Ayurvedic remedies start with Shodhan (detoxing procedure). “Wholesome detoxing could also be attained by the use of inner medications. For many, it’s by the use of Basti Kriya — panchakarma. It comes to a sequence of enemas, which assist steadiness systemic Vata Dosha,” she mentioned.

That is adopted through Rasayana which is an Ayurvedic rejuvenation method involving inner medications. “Way of life correction and supportive remedies like Shirodhara, Kizhi Remedies (Pottali Massages), Pratimarsha Nasya, Abhyanga (Massages), Udvartana (Powder Massages), Swedana (Induction of Sweat), Bahya Basti (Kati. Janu, Hridaya), and many others. Knowledgeable doctor chalks out the rejuvenation plan for every after assessing their general Prakriti, age, profession, and existence objectives,” she defined.

Nutritional changes, consistent with Karkidaka chikitsa

Ayurveda believes that your digestion is at its weakest throughout monsoon. “This, in flip, is the cause for all illnesses in Ayurvedic knowledge,” Dr Gandhi mentioned. Agreeing, Dr Sukumaran mentioned that, thus, that is the season to devour mindfully and diligently as even the slightest carelessness can corrupt the Agni. Positive nutritional changes indicated for Karkidaka are as follows:

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Devour seasonal greens and end result (Supply: Getty Photographs/Thinkstock)

*Consume mild.
*Favour candy, salty, and bitter meals pieces.
*Favor steamed meals as a substitute of fried and baked items.
*Steer clear of refrigerated and frozen meals as they are able to irritate Vata and Kapha. Make a choice freshly ready meals.
*Use cow’s ghee as a substitute of normal oil.
*Vegetable soups are a very good option- they’re mild, scorching, and simple to digest.
*For deficient urge for food, have a work of ginger with salt.
*Devour seasonal greens and end result.
*The wet season isn’t an excuse to bail out your common fluid consumption. Drink lukewarm water, possibly with a touch of honey.
*Steer clear of leafy greens as they are able to vitiate Vata.
*Restrict meat intake, particularly pink meat, which takes extra time to digest.
*Steer clear of curd. Use buttermilk as a substitute.
*Undercooked meals like salads don’t seem to be entertained on this season. Salads will also be chilly and Vata disturbing.
*Sizzling however wholesome drinks like inexperienced tea and natural tea are to be inspired.

“Meals will have to be heat and adequately spiced. Trikatu — a mixture of black pepper, lengthy pepper, and ginger — is the spice of the season. The well-known Pathimukham water or Jeera water is very good for well being throughout this season,” Dr Gandhi added.

Guidelines for inexperienced persons

Dr Gandhi defined that transitioning from the new, dry and sunny summer time to the cool, rainy and gloomy monsoon is an suave balancing act. “Ayurveda advises by no means to convey abrupt and surprising adjustments. Forfeit a couple of day by day and inculcate a couple of. This is known as Ritu Sandhi Kriya, the gradual transition on the cusp of seasons,” she mentioned.

As mentioned, Karkidaka chikitsa is a mix of nutritional and regimen changes and purificatory remedies. Newbies should notice that “whilst the previous two will also be set consistent with Ayurvedic laws and private personal tastes, the Panchakarma remedies don’t seem to be to be carried out by yourself. It wishes actual steering and professional surveillance,” Dr Sukumaran mentioned.

*Don’t take pleasure in extra workout routines as it’ll building up Vata. Delicate stretching workout routines will also be practised. Respiring workout routines in Yoga will also be practised whilst lively Yoga postures are have shyed away from.
*Steer clear of day sleep and napping proper after having meals. It may possibly decelerate metabolism.
*Remind yourselves to wash and dry your self, particularly the foot. Steer clear of strolling barefoot.
*Steer clear of overindulgence in sexual sex as it will possibly cause Vata.
*Minimise using air-conditioners.
*Put on totally dried garments simplest.
*Dhoopana (fumigation) is the Ayurvedic mode of disinfection and will give protection to you from vector-borne illnesses. You’ll be able to use lemon grass, cinnamon, clove, tulsi, or neem leaves.
*Doing a typical Abhyanga (oil therapeutic massage) adopted through a bathtub in lukewarm water will probably be refreshing. You’ll be able to use whole nourishment oil like Dhanwantharam Thailam.
*For Panchakarma remedies, search professional steering and high quality remedy.
*Chill out. The atmosphere out of doors is easiest for de-stressing and unloading your worries. A wholesome thoughts is as very important as a wholesome frame.

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Together with your well being, your pores and skin and hair want particular consideration, too. Dr Gandhi steered steadily massaging your pores and skin with ubtan manufactured from Vata-balancing herbs to assist deal with pores and skin immunity. She added, “Be sure that your moisturiser and cleanser are apt for the season. Don’t skip at the sunscreen because the UV radiation of the solar isn’t blocked out through the clouds.”

Kizhijk (Supply: Kerala Ayurveda)

For hair, she steered oiling your hair sooner than washing them. Moreover, don’t go away the oil on and don’t get rainy in rain.

Advantages of Karkidaka chikitsa

Calling it “a protected safety measure”, Dr Sukumaran mentioned that this Ayurvedic protocol is helping mitigate the toxins that acquire within the frame throughout the shift of seasons through oxygenating the cells.

“It corrects the impaired metabolism and complements the functioning of quite a lot of physically methods. This restores the steadiness of Tridoshas and protects them from additional vitiation. The remedies enhance immunity and safeguard the frame from prone illnesses,” she added.

Sharing some great benefits of Panchakarma remedies, she mentioned: “They’re an important a part of Karkidaka chikitsa that guarantees the flushing of over the top doshas out of the gadget.”

Speaking about nutrition, the meals and routine steered for Karkidaka additionally is helping wreck down fats tissues, thus bestowing a wholesome frame weight. “As without equal purpose of Karkidaka chikitsa is to set your nutrition and routine healthily, an general development of well being and a forged day by day regimen advantages the thoughts and soothes it,” the professional mentioned, sharing the way it aids one’s psychological well being.

Is it protected for everybody?

There are neither any destructive unintended effects nor an exception, mavens mentioned. “Ayurvedic remedies are tailored to fit everybody. There aren’t any hard-set laws to be adopted. So when a professional doctor customises your Karkidaka remedy, one simplest advantages from it,” Dr Gandhi mentioned.

Agreeing, Dr Sukumaran mentioned: “Karkidaka chikitsa is a holistic therapeutic follow that anybody of any age team may just practice. This can be a preventive remedy and, due to this fact, will also be administered to someone with/with out the illness. The directions in regards to the nutrition and routine are appropriate for everybody, from kids to the aged.”

The professional warned that panchakarma remedies require positive precautions. “These kind of procedures have uncomplicated directions in historical scholarly texts, together with indications, contra-indications, seasonal indications, dosage, advantages, and many others. It’s all the time protected to go through panchakarma remedies beneath the supervision of skilled docs. There’s a large number of incorrect information circulating about the similar to entice other folks. In case you are about to join Karkidaka remedy, make sure that the supply and the package deal are devoted,” she steered.

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