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In the final issue of the Lockjaw miniseries has a small cameo from the DC heroes during a climatic battle. The series focuses on Lockjaw reuniting with his long lost siblings, while also revealing his true origins. Lockjaw goes up against Annihilus, lord of the Negative Zone. Their battles take them to different realms, including Asgard, the Ultimate Universe, and Duckworld.



Superman Marvel - Geek Impulse - Wonder Woman
Superman & Wonder Woman

Lockjaw and Annihilus in a realm that shows us two familiar DC heroes. Thought we only see 1/4th of Superman and 1/2 of Wonder Women, it is clear who they are. One Character is wearing a red cape and the other is sporting a lasso. These “unnamed” figures tell Lockjaw and Annihilus they’re trespassing on private property. 

Lockjaw issue #4 is now out. This Issue goes a long way with treating the character in a different way than we are used to. They succeed in making him more than just a canine hero. Could this issue be hinting at a rumor that Marvel wants to buy DC? Do you think this is even possible? Perhaps a Wonder Women Crossover? Lets discuss in the comments below and be sure to share this and other articles on social. 






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Lockjaw Issue #4

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