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Sega and Puma have partnered up to create two new pairs of sneakers modeled after Sonic the Hedgehog and his villainous counterpart Dr. Eggman. I personally think these are horrible kicks. The Sonic Blue Kicks are at least some what bearable. You can take this Sonic Kicks how with you for a cool for $130 apiece, the Sonic and Eggman shoes are meant to resemble the speedy blue hedgehog and rotund, red-clad scientist. This is a miss.



Sonic Kicks - Geek Impulse



The top of the Sonic Kicks are to resemble his fur. The Red kicks below are accented by the black and yellow caution stripes they wouldn’t be quite so egregious but they really just throw these shoes right over the edge. Personally I would actually where the Red Kicks. With style space is the limit… So I am confident enough to wear these and I am sure many can do the same. 


Sonic Kicks - Geek Impulse



The shoes will be available on Puma’s website and its storefronts worldwide on June 5; each style will sell for $130. Each pair of sneakers also includes images of the character in question on the upper part of the shoe. The Sega and Puma collaboration features two pairs of shoes: the RS-0 Sonic and the RS- Dr. Eggman, each drawing from the characters’ respective color palettes. Puma says it was drawn to Sonic’s fur when designing the shoe, as well as the rings that adorn the beloved Green Hill Zone level. 



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