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Watch These Tiny Robots Swim Through The Eye




Usually burrowing micro robots in swarms is something you would see in a science fiction plot. The reality is that it is a real thing. Though this would make the average person nervous, scientist are betting on tiny, controllable bots are the best way to deliver medicine to parts of the body including the eyes. Researchers have developed tiny, corkscrew shaped robots that can be deployed to target drug delivery safely, effectively and can save lives.


Current treatments for eye diseases such as glaucoma or diabetic macular edema are delivered through direct injection or eyedrops. The traditional way of medicating the eyes are effective, but not very precise and often times cover the whole eye.



According to Science Mag:


So scientists used nanoscale 3D printing to create spiral-shaped robots small enough to pass through the dense jelly known as the vitreous humor that makes up most of the eyeball. The researchers added a slippery coating and magnetic materials so they could propel the micro bots through the eye using a magnetic field.

The scientists then collected pig eyes from a slaughterhouse, injected a solution containing about 10,000 bots into each eye, and then placed them in a magnetic field, which they used to propel the bots to the retina at the back of the eye. Imaging showed the swarm successfully reached the retina in less than 30 minutes, about 10 times faster than letting similar-size particles diffuse through the eye, the researchers reported last week in Science Advances.


What are your thoughts on this? Does it creep you out? I am excited about it. This could save lives and people vision as the possibilities of this technology are limitless. Let us know in the comments. 










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