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Complete faith in this series is how I would describe my first thoughts. A series for The Witcher  is the MUCH better route to take. In fact, some things work better as a series than a movie. Especially when it is going to be on Netflix, HBO, etc. A story as complex as The Witcher needs more time to spread out and let the story evolve in an appropriate manner. The Witcher on Netflix will be based off of the novels that inspired CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher.



Here is what the projects lead writer has to say:





As mentioned on CBR Dot Com: Hissrich, herself a writer on Daredevil and The Defenders, has also hired Claire Higgins (The Worst Witch) and Declan de Barra (The Originals) for the writing staff. They are joined by Andrzej Sapkowski, who created The Witcher across a series of critically acclaimed novels which then inspired a trilogy of popular video games featuring characters from the books. Sapkowski serves as a creative consultant for the Netflix series.



The Witcher Netflix - Geek Impulse

The Witcher is expected to start shooting as soon as all the casting is confirmed. Production is set to take place in Eastern Europe. Writing is about to begin as we saw above so it looks like the release wont be coming out till at least 2020. 




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