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The Nipponbashi Street Festival Better Known as Osaka’s Cosplay Street Festival!



We here at Geek Impulse are a fan of Cosplay. We think that it is an expression of ones own character. That statement gets even more accurate when someone adds their own twist to their cosplay outfit. One highlight of cosplay that I have experienced before was Osaka’s Cosplay Street Festival.
The Nipponbashi Street Festival (Osaka’s Cosplay Street Festival) as it is officially called, is held on the streets of Osaka, and as you would expect, it showcases some of the best cosplay Japan has to offer. I always find that the crowds in Japan are usually respectful and join in the festivities. This was no exception.


Cosplay Trends do change each year, there usually is iconic anime and manga that are fan favorites at the cosplay events. 2018 saw some dominating costumes from heroes such as: Spiderman, Batman, and Deadpool along with video game characters from Final Fantasy as well as Studio Ghibli characters. Here is a great video of the event:



Plain and simple there is just the most top rated cosplay goin on at Osaka’s Cosplay Street Festival near Den Den Town. Those Steampunk/clockwork cosplay are awesome in our personal opinion. Be sure to visit the maker of the YouTube Video Rescue the Princess because they are awesome. So what are your thoughts? Did you attend? If not are you going to go next year? We seriously questions someones Geek card if you do not attend at least once. Either way We still Love you Geek Impulse Fam. Be sure to leave your comments down below.




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