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Your mouth is Moving & Two Voices Come Out. Sort of!



In the not so distant future, when we see someone talking to ‘ themselves, ‘ it will be because they are. Well not it the crazy sense. On September 11th the Pentagon signed a $10 million contract with a company in California. Sonitus Technologies is a company that provides secure communication hardware that is virtually invisible. Some are calling it the ‘Molar Mic.’ This device clips to the back of your teeth. 



“Essentially, what you are doing is receiving the same type of auditory information that you receive from your ear, except that you are using a new auditory pathway — through your tooth, through your cranial bones — to that auditory nerve. You can hear through your head as if you were hearing through your ear,” said Peter Hadrovic, CEO of Molar Mic creator Sonitus Technologies.



So how does it work?



Sonitus Technologies - Geek Impulse
A graph illustrating the communications network of the “Molar Mic” from Sonitus.




The device uses near-field magnetic induction to sync with a transmitter, similarly to Bluetooth. It’s custom-fit to the user’s mouth, then snaps into their molars. The microphone and wirelessly rechargeable battery are obviously built to be waterproof. ( Gizmodo ) Sonitus CEO Peter Hadrovic explained to Defense One that using the Molar Mic is similar to hearing the sounds of cereal crunch inside your head, using the “auditory pathway” of your teeth. He said users can understand the audio as soon as they put it in, but it gets easier with use. “Over the period of three weeks, your brain adapts and it enhances your ability to process the audio,” Hadrovic told Defense One.



What do you think about this technology and what it can mean for the future of combat and just for life in general? I personally think it is scary to have something like that communicate with your brain, but it seems to be the way the future is heading. 






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