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In my time here on earth, I never thought that there would ever be a Space Military. It is something you might read in a SciFi book. The Force is already 75 days old, yet it has also already zoned in on 16 jobs for applicants. The military specialties were announced by the director of SF planning on Tuesday.

Maj. Gen. Clinton Crosier said Space Force now has built a staff of about 110 in its headquarters, which is short of the 200 it requires. The goal is to build a force of 15,000 while avoiding redundancy of infrastructure and support functions already provided by other branches and services. 

Space Force, which is under the purview of the Department of the Air Force, just as the Marine Corps is within the Department of the Navy, will adopt 16 different specialty codes from the Air Force that all fall within the five main functions.

According to the presentation by Crosier’s, they include the following:

  • 13S Space Ops
  • 1C6 Space Systems Ops
  • 14N Intel
  • 17C Cyber Ops Officer
  • 17D Cyber Ops
  • 1N0 All Source Intel
  • 1N1 Geospatial Intel
  • 1N2 Signals Intel
  • 3D1N4 Fusion Analysis
  • 3D0 Cyber Ops
  • 3D1 Cyber Support
  • 62E Development Engineer
  • 62S Materiel Leader
  • 63A Acquisition Manager
  • 63G Senior Materiel Ldr-Upper Ech
  • 63S Materiel Leader

“Eighty percent of the common support the new branch needs … is going to come from the Air Force. So we can really focus on the things we were told to do. If it’s a Space Force-specific function, Space Force will execute,” Crosier said. “You’ll enlist directly in the Space Force. You will go to Air Force basic training. If you want to commission as an officer, [you’ll go to] the Air Force Academy, [along with the other service academies, ROTC and officer training school],” Crosier said. “We will commission people from any service and put them directly in the Space Force pipeline.”

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