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Yuri!!! On Ice Get A Feature Film… Details Inside!

Yuri!!! On Ice - Netflix Japan - Geek Impulse

Reading Time: 2 minutes Yuri!!! on Ice the Movie: Ice Adolescence     The Yuri!!! on Ice the Movie: Ice Adolescence (Yuri!!! on Ice Gekijō-ban: Ice Adolescence) will feature the following returning staff:   Original Concept: Mitsurou Kubo x Sayo Yamamoto Director/Composition: Sayo Yamamoto Outline (Original Script Concept)/Original Character Design: Mitsurou Kubo Character Design: Tadashi Hiramatsu Music: Taro Umebayashi, Taku Matsushiba Music Producer: Keisuke

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Seven Anime You Need to Watch Before Attending Anime Expo 2018

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Reading Time: 5 minutes DARLING in the FRANXX ダーリン・イン・ザ・フランキ     DARLING in the FRANXX, Also known as DARLI FRA (ダリフラ) for short, is a 2018 Japanese science fiction anime television series created by Code: 000 and co-produced by Trigger and A-1 Pictures. This Mecha Anime series takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where humanity has been driven to endangerment by giant beasts known as Klaxosaurs. The remainder

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Yuri!!! On ice was Honored at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games

Reading Time: 2 minutes This year’s Winter Olympics was officially kicked off in South Korea on the 9th of February. Japanese pair skaters Suzaki Miu and Kihara Ryuichi started with an especially exciting routine which caught the internet by storm. For their performance, the duo skated to a song from hit anime Yuri!!! on Ice! The song the pari skated to was Yuri on

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