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Get Your Furry On With Arque! The Wearable Robotic Tail

Arque Geek Impulse Robotic Tail

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wearable tails for humans is not a new idea. No one really knows when this phenomena started to garner attention. Tails have been made for those who fancy themselves as furries or just the casual cosplayer who wants to dress as their favorite character. However, the researchers at Keio University in Japan have created a wearable animated tail. They promise

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Its Morphin Time! Shape-Shifting Airplane Wing Created by NASA and MIT Team

Shape-Shifting Airplane Wing Geek Impulse News

Reading Time: 2 minutes Image: Eli Gershenfeld, NASA Ames Research One of the fun things about flying is a wind seat on the wing. You get to see all the moving parts function during the flight. Even during landing and take off. That is because their purpose is taking off, landing, cruising, and maneuvering. Technically a wing of a plane is designed to bend

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Boston Dynamics Wants You To Have A Robot Doggo

Boston Dynamics - Geek Impulse

Reading Time: 2 minutes Boston Dynamics SpotMini       The founder of Boston Dynamics, the robotics company that creates walking metal machines recently showed he has a funny side. It would seems  he believes that we cannot beat the machines so we might as well coexist with them. The engineering and robotics design company plans to launch its canine-like SpotMini bot next year.  

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Humanoid Robot Perfected: Takayuki Todo

Reading Time: 1 minute   Humanoid Robot Perfected: Takayuki Todo   I recently came across a video of a Humanoid Robot Perfected that fascinated me. I started off curious about what the video would show. I expected just another robot. Once the video started to play I became captivated. I couldn’t stop watching it. I have watched it several time since then. Each time

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