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Japanese Gamer Makes A Portable Playstation Classic

Japanese Gamer - Geek Impulse News Japan

Reading Time: 1 minute The project took a whole month to complete. The modding project allows him to venture into a 32-bit past while on the go. The PlayStation Classic went on sale over a month ago. This was to celebrate the original Sony System’s 24th birthday. Little did they know, a Twitter user by the name @NIWAchannel bought one immediately and had big

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Designer of Phantasy Star IV Tells Why Weapons Attributes Are Hidden

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the frustrations with JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Games) is the difficulty in finding out which weapons are the most powerful. Usually through trial and error you hope you have found the most powerful one. We at Geek Impulse searched for the answer and this is what we found from the designer of Phantasy Star IV.   Shmuplations, which

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SAVAGE!!! A “Netflix” For Video Games??

Reading Time: 3 minutes Microsoft has recently announced its plan for getting 2 billion gamers around the world to subscribe to their new service. In an interview with The Verge, a Microsoft Xbox team member released some information about the company working on a service that would function similarly to how Netflix functions… but for video games. The service would offer users access to

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