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Overwatch!!! A New Uprising!

Reading Time: 4 minutes     Overwatch!!! A New Uprising!     Many new things are coming to the Overwatch universe in upcoming months. Rumors have been running rampant over interesting character add-ons, a possible new character, and also some new lore.   Zenyatta a fan favorite for being the team healer is officially taking his “first steps”… and honestly it is kind of

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Overwatch League: Stage Two – The Return

Reading Time: 2 minutes Next Stage Overwatch After London’s triumph during the Overwatch League Stage 1, it’s here again! The first week of the Overwatch League Stage 2 will begin tomorrow, February 21-24. The match will begin at 4:00 PM, Pacific Central Time, with Seoul Dynasty facing off against Los Angeles Valiant. What is Overwatch League? For those just tuning in, the Overwatch League

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