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Rooster Teeth and DC Collab to Celebrate Batman and More

Rooster Teeth and DC

Reading Time: 3 minutes If I said Rooster Teeth and Batman, would you see a connection? To the casual viewer, probably not. Rooster Teeth is an Austin based production/ entertainment company. They are responsible for many popular internet series such as Red vs Blue, Rwby, gen: LOCK and Achievement Hunter. They are also (along a grapevine of other companies) part of the Warner Bros

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Swiss Watchmaker RJ Celebrates Batman’s 80th Anniversary

Swiss Watchmaker RJ Geek Impulse Paris

Reading Time: 3 minutes Swiss watchmaker RJ marked the 80th anniversary of Batman’s debut with a special event Swiss watchmaker RJ marked the 80th anniversary of Batman’s debut with a special event held at the newly opened Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées concept store in Paris. The event started on September 2nd and will run through September 22nd. During this event, DC fans and Comic Geek

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It’s Official! Jared Leto Getting A Stand Alone Joker Film

Jared Leto - Geek Impulse

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Ever since Jared Leto got little screen time as his portrayal as Joker in Suicide Squad, he shared is dislike. This news today has come as a bit of a surprise. Warner Bros. has now confirmed that they are going ahead with a DCU Joker stand alone film. Guess who is playing Joker? Yup, that is right, Jared Leto! 

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Batman Ninja Anime’s English Trailer, Home Video Release

Reading Time: 2 minutes Batman Ninja Anime English Home Video Release   I have to be honest I prefer the sub titles in my anime. English dub is not my favorite. With that being said though if you wanted it, then here it is Geek Impulse Fam.  Warner Bros. Home Entertainment  has begun streaming an English-dubbed version of the trailer for the Batman Ninja anime

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