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Tokyo’s 2D Cafe in the Heart of Korea Town (Video + Photos Inside)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Tokyo’s Shin-Okubo neighborhood is well known for its Korea town. You can get all the body and face care products you can ever dream of (including placenta face masks) and as much bingsu as you can eat. However, when it comes to delicious shaved ice desserts made of milk with delicious toppings and layers of condensed milk, the most unique

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Pikachu and Eevee Continue to Take over Tokyo Baskin Robbins

Tokyo Baskin Robbins Geek Impulse

Reading Time: 3 minutes On the 1st of August, Tokyo Baskin Robbins (also known locally as 31, because it has a flavor for each day of the month) started selling Pokemon-themed ice cream treats! Are you as excited as we are? The chain has gone all the way in. Preceding the annual Yokohama Pikachu summer takeover, Baskin Robbins and Pokemon have teamed up to

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How to Build an Empire with Shack-ura Cherry Blossom

Shack-ura Cherry Blossom Geek Impulse Japan

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the excitement for the early sakura blossom season this year, American fast food chain, Shake Shack, has rolled out their now yearly cherry blossom flavor shakes this February, with a follow-up flavor to come in March. Geek Impulse went to check out the first of the two flavors; the slightly salty, yet delightfully fresh and creamy Shak-ura shake. As

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