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Viral Japanese Illustrator BerryVerrine Captivates The World

Japanese Illustrator BerryVerrine - Geek Impulse News Japan

Reading Time: 2 minutes You may not know about her yet, but we suggest that you check out her artwork. You will be impressed with the level of skill and creativity that is clearly evident in all of the work she creates. A talented illustrator that goes by the name BerryVerrine creates stunning artwork that fuses Kawaii, Neon, Psychedelic traits into her artwork. Stylish

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Yusaku Maezawa Will Circle Around The Moon With SpaceX

Yusaku Maezawa - Geek Impulse - SpaceX

Reading Time: 2 minutes Entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa Would be The First Private Person to Fly Solo           Announced Yesterday September 16th,  Billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will be the first private citizen to fly around the moon.   SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced Monday night that entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa would be the first private person to fly solo around the moon aboard the

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When Your Skill Level is Over 9000 so the Kitty Can’t let go!!! Neko Zamurai

Reading Time: 1 minute   We heard rumors about some Cat Samurai! So we decided to look into it. The show in question is non-other than Neko Zamurai (Samurai Cat).  In this show a great warrior named Madara The Devil, is sent to assassinate a rivals cat. So what happened? He decided not to kill the furry little kitty and instead put the cat in his kimono.

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Humanoid Robot Perfected: Takayuki Todo

Reading Time: 1 minute   Humanoid Robot Perfected: Takayuki Todo   I recently came across a video of a Humanoid Robot Perfected that fascinated me. I started off curious about what the video would show. I expected just another robot. Once the video started to play I became captivated. I couldn’t stop watching it. I have watched it several time since then. Each time

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