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Turtle Beach Corporation

Turtle Beach Corporation Geek Impulse

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Turtle Beach Corporation (commonly referred to as Turtle Beach) is a global gaming accessory manufacturer based in San Diego, California. Social Media & Website: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Website In 2005, Turtle Beach pioneered the way for high-quality gaming audio with the very first console gaming headset – the X51 – and since then we’ve led the industry by designing

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Shimono, Hiro

Shimono Hiro Geek Impulse Anime

Reading Time: 6 minutes Given name: 紘 Family name: 下野 Alternate names: Kawagushi Sakura, 川椰珱, Kawatana Sakura, 川梛珱, Komitsu Satsuki, 小満皐, Shikae Yuu 鹿江悠, TOMA Birthday: Apr 21, 1980 Website: http://shimonohiro.com/ More: Hometown: Tokyo, Japan Height: 168 cmBlood type: B Hobbies: cooking, karaoke, sunbathingNickname: Shimocchi (しもっち), Hirotan (ひろたん), Shimonnu (しもんぬ)Special Skill: able to improvise amazing songs at request, can tell which and where the

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Bungie And Activision Cut Ties

Bungie - Geek Impulse News

Reading Time: 1 minute Bungie has officially cut ties with Activision. This could turn out to be a big split for the gaming industry. They shared the rights to the Destiny franchise. What good news for Bungie is that they have secured the rights, while Activision is becoming more questionable and that is bad news for them. “We have enjoyed a successful eight-year run

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