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Official! Joaquin Phoenix to Play The Joker in New DC Origin Film

The Joker - Geek Impulse

Reading Time: 2 minutes Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Origin Movie Starts Filming in September       DC has so many stories and perhaps better stories than Marvel. So what gives? Perhaps this new announcement of Joaquin Phoenix is part of the reason. To better explain what I mean by this, let me break it down. Marvel systematically introduced their characters then created the avengers

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When Your Skill Level is Over 9000 so the Kitty Can’t let go!!! Neko Zamurai

Reading Time: 1 minute   We heard rumors about some Cat Samurai! So we decided to look into it. The show in question is non-other than Neko Zamurai (Samurai Cat).  In this show a great warrior named Madara The Devil, is sent to assassinate a rivals cat. So what happened? He decided not to kill the furry little kitty and instead put the cat in his kimono.

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Blizzard has confirmed!!! Brigitte Lindholm is New Hero

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Brigitte Lindholm is New  Overwatch Hero     It has been Revealed! Yes, the anticipation of a new Overwatch character has finally arrived. After a lot of theories surrounding who the new character will be we finally have our answer. Blizzard has confirmed that Overwatch’s newest hero is Brigitte Lindholm, daughter of bearded turret lover Torbjorn.     Brigitte

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Netflix Sorcery: FullMetal Alchemist Live Action Movie

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Before I get started on my thoughts for the Fullmetal Alchemist live action movie I thought I should introduce myself. I’m Kimberly and a new writer here at Geek Impulse. I’ll most likely talk about my hobbies which include reading manga and comics, watching Netflix, and dabbling in beauty and fashion. I look forward to sharing with you all

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