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Key Visuals & Teaser released for ‘Caligula Effect’

Reading Time: 1 minute Key Visuals & Teaser released for ‘Caligula Effect’   Last year we received word that that FuRyu’s ‘The Caligula Effect’ RPG will be getting an anime adaptation. So what better way to reveal everything than FuRyu doing a livestream presentation, which they did with a promo, two new visuals, and information on the staff as well as the theme song

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Overwatch League: Stage Two – The Return

Reading Time: 2 minutes Next Stage Overwatch After London’s triumph during the Overwatch League Stage 1, it’s here again! The first week of the Overwatch League Stage 2 will begin tomorrow, February 21-24. The match will begin at 4:00 PM, Pacific Central Time, with Seoul Dynasty facing off against Los Angeles Valiant. What is Overwatch League? For those just tuning in, the Overwatch League

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Become a Fortnite Legend With These Tips! It Could Happen!

Reading Time: 5 minutes   Become a Fortnite Legend With These Tips! It Could Happen!   It can be tough to pick up on all of Fortnite’s idiosyncrasies and hidden bits of information–especially since the free Battle Royale mode doesn’t include a tutorial. Master these tips you can gain a competitive advantage over the competition. You will dominate the Battle Royale Mode. (results may

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Reading Time: 2 minutes   CODENAMED P7   The People behind such works as Max Payne and Alan Wake are developing an unknown project Codenamed P7. The Secret Project is said to be released early to mid 2019. About the only things at this point that we know about said project is that it will be a third person shooter game. The game is

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