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‘Rikaisya’ Music Video by 22/7 is Taking The World by Storm

Rikaisya - Geek Impulse - 22/7

Reading Time: 1 minute Japanese Idol Group Captivating The World   FM-FUJI『タイムマシーン3号と帆風千春の #俺たちの穴 』本日もありがとうございましたっ✨ #絶望の花 宇宙初オンエアいかがでしたかっ⁇ #絶望の花 ってどんな花なんでしょう🌹🥀🤔考察が捗りそうな歌詞にもご注目頂きたいですっ #帆風ちゃん はどんな花だと思いますかっ⁇(笑)#ナナブンノニジュウニ pic.twitter.com/l6MeYmC3As — 22/7(ナナブンノニジュウニ) (@227_staff) August 7, 2018     As a refresher for those familiar to the 22/7 and for those not familiar they are an idol group from japan. The group was founded and are produced by Yasushi Akimoto. They have a new

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Gamers Rejoice! The Death of GameStop

GameStop - Geek Impulse

Reading Time: 2 minutes GameStop Might Die       GameStop has been suffering for a long time now. This news then should come as no surprise to anyone. GameStop has come out with the truth that they are looking for a potential transaction. This is in the midst of a Reuters leak. Sycamore Partners is one of the private equity firms that has expressed interest

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Almost Everything You Need to Know About Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 - Geek Impulse

Reading Time: 3 minutes Treyarch has big plans for the next entry in the Black Ops series. Along with revamped multiplayer, an expanded Zombies mode, and a series of solo missions centered around the Specialist characters, the developer plans to bring the battle royale craze to Call of Duty.   Set between Black Ops 2 and 3, Call of Duty Black Ops 4,  re-examines

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Aggretsuko – The Bad A** Red Panda We Didn’t Know We Needed

aggretsuko - Geek Impulse

Reading Time: 5 minutes She’s as cute and cuddly as any red panda can be. She’s mild-mannered  with her inherent Japanese politeness combined with her culture’s representation of young working women making her an arguably adorable concoction of demure and relatable. An overworked accountant in her mid-20s, who is facing workplace harassment that would enrage even the most even-tempered of people. With an almost

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NEW RELEASE: Soul Calibur VI – The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia Gameplay Reveal

Reading Time: 2 minutes So we have to talk about the latest reveal. There is so Much Hype these days for The Witcher. We have a Netflix original series happening soon. The games were awesome to play, so why not put Geralt of Rivia in Soul Calibur VI.   Geralt will be a guest fighter for the newest edition of the Soul Calibur franchise. The fighter

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