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HBO Unveiled The Long-awaited Premiere Date For Game of Thrones season 8

HBO Unveiled - Geek Impulse Game of Thrones Season 8

Reading Time: 1 minute As promised, last night HBO unveiled the long-awaited premiere date of Game of Thrones season 8. Wow, what a teaser trailer it is fans. This trailer comes ahead of the third season premiere of True Detective starring Academy Award-winner Mahershala Ali. In the trailer we see the “Crypts of Winterfell.” We get eerie hints to things that are coming to

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Breaking! Game of Thrones Reunion Special Confirmed

Game of Thrones Reunion Special - Geek Impulse - HBO

Reading Time: 2 minutes Westeros Will Be United For a Reunion     Rumors have been going around for months now and intensified once the show wrapped filming for the final season. According to Entertainment Weekly:   A special was shot in Belfast earlier this year with the cast of GoT — including actors who have long since departed the show such as Sean Bean.

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Game of Thrones Legacy Will Allow Fans to Tour Famous Castles

Game of Thrones - Geek Impulse - Season 8

Reading Time: 2 minutes Game of Thrones Vacay Anyone?         Several of the sets in Northern Ireland from Game of Thrones will be converted into tourist attractions to boost more tourism to the country. Places such as Winterfell and Castle Black. The locations for years have been off limits to fans of the  Emmy-winning fantasy drama. That of course as we mentioned

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HBO Officially Orders Game of Thrones Prequel!

Game of Thrones - Geek Impulse - HBO Prequel

Reading Time: 1 minute   The long wait is over. HBO has finally gone ahead and green-lit a follow-up pilot to its acclaimed international hit Game of Thrones and it looks to be every bit of awesome we were expecting here at Geek Impulse. HBO has ordered a prequel drama from writer Jane Goldman. Goldman is known recently for such works as: Kingsman: The Secret Service,

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Avengers Infinity War Surprised Fans ( SPOILERS )

Reading Time: 2 minutes (Warning: The following contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War)     Avengers: Infinity War surprised a lot of people this weekend. Why you may ask? No one expected to see Peter Dinklage in the movie. Geek Impulse heard rumors though leading up to the film from the Russo brothers. Eventually they confirmed and said he would be recognizable.      

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