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Reading Time: 4 minutes CYBERPUNK MEETS KAWAII Akiba Zettai Ryoiki has made a name for itself because it is foreigner-friendly and has a super kawaii vibe. Their maids are usually very energetic and have cat ears that go along with their maid outfits. The translation from Google on their website does not translate well, “a maid cafe where cats (cast members) who want to

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Olympic Cosplay Figure Skaters For Japanese Game Commerical

cosplay figure skaters - Geek Impulse News Japan

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Commercial features two Russian Olympic Skaters in cosplay-inspired outfits. It is in an advertisement for Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Gaiden. These Cosplay Figure Skaters infuse the art of ice skating and anime for this stunning commercial.  In the advertisement, we see Alina Zagitova who reprises her role from 2018 when she dressed as Madoka Kaname who is

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JAPAN’S Best Cosplayer Makes ¥1 Million Per Month

JAPAN'S Best Cosplayer - Geek Impulse News Japan

Reading Time: 1 minute Japan’s best cosplayer Enako surprised everyone recently on TV when she announced how much she actually makes from cosplaying every month. She says she can earn more than one million yen (US$9,212) a month through cosplay. Since that appearance, her popularity has only skyrocketed. The 24-year-old is now known as Japan’s Number One Cosplayer. This is in part due to the

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The Most Creative Cosplay Festival. Nipponbashi Street Festival in Osaka!

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Nipponbashi Street Festival Better Known as Osaka’s Cosplay Street Festival!     We here at Geek Impulse are a fan of Cosplay. We think that it is an expression of ones own character. That statement gets even more accurate when someone adds their own twist to their cosplay outfit. One highlight of cosplay that I have experienced before was Osaka’s

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Kim Kardashian Loves Anime???

Reading Time: 2 minutes So if you have not heard the big news that happened this last week let us here at Geek Impulse fill you in. So there is this celebrity name Kim Kardashian let the world know she is a fan of Anime! Yes you heard that correctly she has said she loves anime.is is in response to her suddenly coloring her

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