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Rooster Teeth and DC Collab to Celebrate Batman and More

Rooster Teeth and DC

Reading Time: 3 minutes If I said Rooster Teeth and Batman, would you see a connection? To the casual viewer, probably not. Rooster Teeth is an Austin based production/ entertainment company. They are responsible for many popular internet series such as Red vs Blue, Rwby, gen: LOCK and Achievement Hunter. They are also (along a grapevine of other companies) part of the Warner Bros

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We Have Your First Look of Steve Aoki’s The Neon Future


Reading Time: 3 minutes The leader of the anti-tech movement died and was revived by forbidden tech. Steve Aoki’s The Neon Future from the Grammy-nominated creator, goes along with his Neon Future album. According to Entertainment Weekly: EW can exclusively announce that the Grammy-nominated DJ has partnered with Impact Theory Comics for Neon Future, a brand-new series which takes place 30 years into the future

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Joss Whedon Leaves as a Director for Batgirl

Reading Time: 1 minute     Joss Whedon Leaves as a Director for Batgirl     According to an exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter, Whedon has dropped out of DC Entertainment’s highly-anticipated for the superhero Batgirl. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Whedon is stepping down from creating DC’s solo Batgirl film. Whedon’s involvement was announced back in March 2017, a few months before it

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Iron Man and Avengers set to be part of Walt Disney Studios Parks

Reading Time: 2 minutes     At the D23 Expo in Japan this year, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Bob Chapek announced what could be some exciting new details about the many ambitious projects the company has in mind for the future of the parks around the world. Everything from reimagined favorites to entirely new ways that their guests can encounter Marvel Super

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