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This Is How Japanese Moon Rover Will Look Like In 10 Years Time

Japanese Moon Rover Geek Impulse Japan

Reading Time: 2 minutes Toyota‘s pressurized vehicle will transport two astronauts over 10,000 kilometers using solar power It seems that Toyota will be the first carmaker to go to the moon. JAXA (Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency) has teamed up with the automaker. They will be creating a self-driving pressurized rover that will roam the surface of the moon by 2029. The vehicle will feature

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Genius physicist Stephen Hawking known world-wide has died at the age of 76

Reading Time: 2 minutes Stephen Hawking died peacefully early morning on Wednesday. When Hawking was just 22 years old, the doctors discovered a rare form of motor neuron disease. He was given only a few years to live. Bound to a wheel chair and only speaking through a voice synthesizer he lived beyond expectations.  Stephen Hawking was an award-winning physicist and influential author. His

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