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When Your Skill Level is Over 9000 so the Kitty Can’t let go!!! Neko Zamurai

Reading Time: 1 minute   We heard rumors about some Cat Samurai! So we decided to look into it. The show in question is non-other than Neko Zamurai (Samurai Cat).  In this show a great warrior named Madara The Devil, is sent to assassinate a rivals cat. So what happened? He decided not to kill the furry little kitty and instead put the cat in his kimono.

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Batman Ninja Anime’s English Trailer, Home Video Release

Reading Time: 2 minutes Batman Ninja Anime English Home Video Release   I have to be honest I prefer the sub titles in my anime. English dub is not my favorite. With that being said though if you wanted it, then here it is Geek Impulse Fam.  Warner Bros. Home Entertainment  has begun streaming an English-dubbed version of the trailer for the Batman Ninja anime

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