The Strategy at Geek Impulse Services

We build brands for fandom. What does that say strategically? Well, we start by researching attention. For creative work to be meaningful and relevant, we first have to understand in what ways and where people consume specific content. The consumer’s behaviors are what give us insights on how to be effective.

We implement our research with a cohesive team that focuses on strategy, media, and creativity. We begin with the data we collected which was gathered by team members in order to create a human-centric, up to the minute understanding of our audience. Creative and Media collaborate on that intelligence gathered to create a unique brand opportunity centered around the consumer. During the process, we test and learn in order to adjust what works and with whom in order to effectively execute on each platform. This allows us to identify and amplify a multitude of positive outcomes quicker and with more frequency to have a greater impact.

We always make sure to stay in touch with geek culture in the now. We adjust to the season, region, meme, film, Reddit thread you name it. We do this to ensure we make a connection that is as authentic for your brand and consumer. We focus on what captivates attention.

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