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Son Goku adidas ZX500 Boost



Son Goku adidas ZX500 Boost - Geek Impulse


The very long anticipated Dragon Ball Z shoes have almost arrived. Today we get our look at the “Son Goku” adidas ZX500 Boost. Here is a very good detailed description from Sneaker News:



The shoe’s upper features orange suede and blue denim overlays with yellow-orange mesh as the base, nodding to Goku’s iconic orange and blue gi. The shoe’s heel features Japanese symbols on the back—another nod to the powerful Super Saiyan’s gi—and Goku’s friendly flying nimbus cloud also makes an appearance, embroidered on the medial forefoot. A red block emblazoned with Japanese characters arrives in the middle of the stark white Boost midsole for a final pop of collaborative contrast, and the shoe is completed with a simple black outsole. 



Are you all excited for these new kicks? Let us know in the comments or on twitter. We at Geek impulse strive to bring you the best in everything to do with Geek and Otaku Culture. If there is something you feel we should cover do let us know as we always appreciate feedback that is valid. Thanks again for reading the article. We look forward to hearing from you Geek Impulse Fam. 


Son Goku adidas ZX500 Boost - Geek Impulse





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