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Fan Chart of Sailor Moon Characters Matching Their Respective Planets



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Sailor Moon heroines might be a big family, however their sizes are very different. The cool part that most fans love about Sailor Moon, is how their design is influenced by the planet they represent. When you take a look at Sailor Moon and her iconic twin tails they are meant to evoke the impression of bunny ears. This is representative of the Japanese folktale about rabbits living on two moons. Looking at Sailor Mars we see blasts of fire. This is because in Japanese, Mars is called Kasei. When translated literally it means ‘fire planet.’



If we stay with this current method then we see that Sailor Jupiter remains the largest Senshi.  Based on the planet Jupiter’s 69,911-kilometer (43,441-mile) radius. Next up would be taciturn Sailor Saturn, thanks to her planetary radius of 58,232 kilometers.




When looking at the comments several of them point out that Tuxedo Mask is eventually revealed to be the reincarnation of Prince Endymion, whose soul is entwined with the Earth, and by that criteria, he’d be just a little bigger than Sailor Venus. 



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What would Sailor Moon be like if the heroines’ sizes matched their planets? Fan chart shows us


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