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Robot English Teacher Coming to Japan


Robot English Teacher - Geek Impulse - Japan



Robot English Teacher may become the norm in Japan. Recently Japan’s ministry of Education revealed a plan to place artificial intelligence robots in class rooms to school children improve their english communication skills. This will help with oral skills however not with writing. Teaching english in Japan is a dream for a lot of foreigners who love teaching and love Japan.



Generally speaking, Japanese society is not well versed in speaking english or writing the language. The plan suggest that in two years time more Japanese will speak english just in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In April, 500 schools nationwide will participate in a trial basis for the new robots initiative.



To further the initiative for Robot English Teachers, the ministry plans on creating apps to engage students. The attempt is to make learning english more fun while honing their English pronunciation skills as well as conversation skills. I am of the personal belief that this is ok, but that English shouldn’t be forced upon the Japanese as there is growing concern about the push itself from locals.



The reason for Robot English Teachers is that there is not enough money to fund having a native English Speaker in every school teaching students. So perhaps there is still more jobs available for native english speakers to teach english although it is tough to do so because of the guidelines to teach English in Japan for which I approve of.





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