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The mailman may soon be replaced with its longtime nemesis, the Doge. Yes that is correct, a new idea proposed by delivery service Continental, has debuted its robodog concept art at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. These robo canines will deliver parcels to your doorstep, but they will be deployed by a self-driving car directly to your door. This project is being called the Continental Urban Mobility Experience, or CUbE for short.

Though this idea sounds a bit silly, these canine robots were designed for efficiency. We can definitely see this working in a place such as Japan. If deployed correctly, these robots will promote safety and fill the void left by the current package delivery systems in the US for now. With online shopping increasing year to year, CubE will allow those packages to be delivered onetime and possibly even quicker.

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In an article on Geek .com, These dogs are “trained’ to accurately navigate pedestrian sidewalks, walk up the stairs and can even ring your doorbell. Segway also debuted a new delivery technology as well during CES. The Nuro’s driverless R1 pods are already delivering groceries door-to-door in Arizona. We want the future now and the only prescription is more robots. Ooh, Kind of Scary!

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