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Kirby Cafe Tokyo

Kirby fans might be familiar with Tokyo’s Kirby Cafe, located in Solamachi shopping center in Tokyo Sky Tree.

The cafe was open in 2016, and is open again until 17th February, 2019. The Kirby Cafe Store is also open, and doesn’t require a reservation.


Those planning on visiting the Kirby Cafe need to get a reservation this time (in 2016 you could just line up and get in if there was space.) The booking website is here, but you’ll need to keep an eye on their Twitter to check when the new month’s slots will become available. Then be prepared to sit by your device hitting refresh until you get in – it’s quite hard to get a place. Of course, there’s always cancellation slots if you’re lucky enough.

The themeing of the food is top notch, with only a few side dishes not being directly character based (though the deep fried Camembert is delicious and you can always keep the little star-topped toothpick.)

Our favorites were the Waddle Dee Omelette and rice, and the “Kirby’s Buttocks” café au lait! A Kirby butt marshmallow should definitely be on the bucket list of any Kirby fan.

You can choose from many options that come with plates, cups, or mini ornaments. They are relatively pricey, but no more than other themed cafes.

As usual, the drinks all come with a random coaster. The Whispy Woods dishes come with a mini Kirby or Waddle Dee, and thankfully these aren’t random, so you can get the one you want.

If you asked the staff on your booking (or probably even if you ask on the day) they can write anniversary or birthday messages on your dessert plate. There’s no huge fanfare; instead one of the waiters will announce your occasion and most people clap for you. Since a lot of people are embarrassed by the song and dance, it’s nice to be able to have the message without the attention.


There is a mini shop in the cafe, and a bigger shop with some extra merchandise two floors down in the same building. It’s worth going to both. The cafe shop is limited to cafe customers, but the 2nd floor store is open to everyone.

If you manage to get to the cafe let us know in the comments or on social, we love to see the Geek Fam out and about!

Kirby Cafe / カービィカフェ

Address: Tokyo, Sumida-ku, Oshiage 1-1-2, Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi 4th floor (東京都墨田区押上1-1-2 東京スカイツリータウン・ソラマチ4階)

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