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It’s that time of the year again when Yokohama gets completely overrun with an army of giant Pikachus and Eevees. You can check out our previous article about this event. From August 6th – 12th the plethora of events at Pikachu Outbreak will be lighting up the city from dusk.

Pikachu Outbreak Geek Impulse
Photo Credit © @ benoit_palop Instagram

This year the events are all set to go off mainly in the evening (thankfully). The heat has been claiming lives again this year so hopefully, this is to avoid heat exhaustion for the incredible staff in the costumes. One of the first warnings on the website is to bring a fan and water and get out of the heat if you feel unwell. So pack drinks if you’re going!

Pikachu Outbreak Geek Impulse
Photo Credit © Instagram

There are 4 main shows:

The Streets of Minato Mirai x Pikachu

The Seas of Minato Mirai x Pikachu

The Forests of Minato Mirai x Pikachu

And the Pikachu and Eevee Parades.

People are enjoying the festival to its fullest.
  • Pikachu Outbreak Geek Impulse
  • Pikachu Outbreak Geek Impulse
  • Pikachu Outbreak Geek Impulse

You can find a link to his Instagram here.

There are a few other attractions to the city takeover, including being able to take photos with Pokemon wall art, grabbing special merchandise, and taking part in a digital stamp rally for cool prizes. See more on that here.

One of the most exciting things is a chance to be one of the first people to take photos of and/or with the new drain covers that are slowly being installed across the whole country. From Hokkaido to Fukushima and beyond, Japan is installing new drain covers with Pokemon designs that best represent that area.

Japan’s drain covers have always had a lot of beautiful designs sprinkled around the country, but now this takes pop culture integration to a whole new level. There are already some pop culture-inspired covers, like these Love Live! ones. These new “Poke Lids” are expected to help revive tourism in lesser frequented cities. You can see the currently installed Poke Lids by area here!

Pikachu Outbreak Geek Impulse
© @DokuganBAKA

The Poke Lids are coinciding with the Yokohama Pikachu takeover as well. Naturally, Yokohama’s Poke Lid design is Pikachu, but there are 4 others to be installed for a limited time, each with a syllable of the word Yokohama on them. If you go to the website you can check the location for each.

Are you going to go on a Pikachu hunt? Join Maisykuv as she slowly captures them all. Who knows, maybe one day aliens will think we worship these creatures as gods… Maybe we already do.

Featured Image by Epic_Imai Instagram

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