Long Live Weeblon Musk! Internet Broke Because Elon Musk Loves Anime

Elon Musk Loves Anime - Geek Impulse

Reading Time: 1 minute Elon Musk Loves Your Name ‘ Kimi No Na Wa’         Over the weekend Elon Musk Tweeted something that no one ever could have predicted. He revealed that he loves Your Name and the internet broke. The Founder of SpaceX, Tesla, The Boring Company and several others had this to say:   Love Your Namehttps://t.co/fRU7nTWnML — Elon

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The $1,350 Gameboy Inspired Jordans! What’s in Your Wallet?

Reading Time: 2 minutes A Throw Back To 1989     Johnny Barry’s Freaker Sneaks, has done it again and created some retro feels with this new addition. Some may say that there are no shoes that are worth $1,350. With these Gameboy Inspired Jordans, some geek millionaire will buy these. To be honest, Sneaker culture is its own thing with often absurd prices.  On the

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The Japanese Doll That Will Make You Believe in The Supernatural

Japanese Doll - Geek Impulse

Reading Time: 2 minutes Legendary Japanese Doll That Grows Hair and More         Japan is known for many things. One of those things is horror stories. The Chilling Ghost Story That is a  Japanese Doll That Grows Human Hair, whose name is Okiku. The Japanese Doll resides at Mannenji Temple in Hokkaido. Though there are several versions of the story, we will

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Two Crucial Roles in The Witcher Netflix Adaptation Has Been Cast

Reading Time: 1 minute The Witcher Netflix, Ciri and Yennefer Have Finally Been Cast       The long anticipated casting of these to female roles have been a much debated process. IT is not clear if the casting directors or show-runners listened to fans or not, but they picked two actresses that look the part. Meaning look how their in game characters would

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