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Beaming Up The Space Internet



Space Internet - Geek Impulse


NASA partnered with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE). Together they have created a new supercomputer in order to provide (HPC) high-performance computing. It will be sent 254 miles above the earth’s surface. It is called Spaceborne Computer is a system that will be the first to make it to the ISS.  It has officially made it to the ISS after a full year of testing. It proved that it can handle the elements of space. Some of the testing involved how it would perform in power outages as well as radiation spikes.


According to SYFY WIRE:


Spaceborne has capabilities way beyond those of your average i-gadget. It can process one teraFLOP (a trillion floating point operations per second) and operate at anywhere from 30 to 100 times the speed of a smartphone or tablet. Instead of waiting for data to be transmitted to Earth and back, astronauts can now run analyses right where they are in space.




HPE Chief Technology Officer and Vice President Dr. Eng Lim Goh commented saying, “Our mission is to bring innovative technologies to fuel the next frontier, whether on Earth or in space, and make breakthrough discoveries we have never imagined before.”


“The Spaceborne Computer is an excellent example of leveraging the International Space Station (ISS) for innovation,” said David Hornyak, ISS Technology Demonstration Research Portfolio Manager for NASA. “HPE’s Spaceborne Computer…demonstrat[es] capabilities similar to what NASA may need to pursue for exploration.”



If we can now get Space Internet and the Cloud, can we get faster internet in countries like my home in the Philippines? That would be great. lol











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