Monster Hunter World: The Wiggler Event?!

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Hello Geek Fam! Welcome to my first guide release for Monster Hunter World. To start off I will be introducing the new Wiggler Quest that was just released. The event won’t be around for long!

For this event quest it’ll require 3 Wiggler Tickets and a few other materials from high rank monsters. The helmet isn’t too bad. Looking at the stats, the resistance numbers are pretty good, as there are no negative attributes. Defense is low, but that can be upgraded, and it comes with two level 1 decoration slots.

As you can see, the item is a helmet that gives Wide-Range Lv 2 and some pretty good resistance points and two decoration slots. A squad member of mine, Richter, did a combination of armors to stack the Wide-Range effect to Lv 5 in conjunction with the Mushroomancer and Free Meal skills. The gimmick itself was hilarious. Instantaneous heals from a sword shield running around with a flopping wiggler helmet.

The Event itself is called “Wiggle Me This” and it’s situated in the Coral Highlands. I recommend the Southern Camp for this, as there are no hostile monsters after taking the leap down from the site.

Once you jump down you’ll see these little guys “wiggling” around. Just equip your capture net and get catching. You’ll need a total of 10 to complete the quest. It is also important to note that you may need to do the quest a couple of times, no more than 3, as the number of tickets you get are random.

Now there is a trick to catching them. You want to first crouch, which is done by standing still and pressing X. If you are running around on foot, the noise will spook them and they will go underground. When they get spooked, they will reappear after a short amount of time. While crouching, just creep up to them, aim the net, and hope your shot is good. Easy!

On a side note. You’ll see a rare variation of the Wiggler. It’ll have orange coloring versus the blue. You can’t miss it. This is the Wiggler Queen, a rarity 4 pet that you can catch and place in your home, which can be done by speaking to the housekeeper.

I’ll see you around Geek Fam! If like this or want me to do any other guides, as there will be more to come, feel free to leave a like and/or comment! Happy Hunting!

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