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When Mom’s Sick… Let’s Raise a Dragon!!!


As a 22 year old female gamer, one of the most memorable games from my childhood was Harvest Moon. It was a very simplistic game where you live in this small perfect town and your only goal is to make sure your farm prospers and develop good relationships with the townspeople. Now, to many it sounds kind of cheesy and boring; but this game was a stepping stone to utopian type games such as Animal Crossing, Story of Seasons, and much more.


Luckily for me and everyone who enjoyed such games as these; Aksys Games is teaming up with Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons creator Yasuhiro Wada for  Little Dragons Cafe. This game will be coming out for the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 and it focuses on dragon husbandry with cooking and restaurant management. It is basically a Harvest Moon meets Cooking Mama and it throws in a baby dragon to raise like our Nintendogs.


Little Dragons Cafe will star a brother and sister duo who work in their mother’s cafe, when suddenly their life becomes kind of weird. Their mother suddenly falls into a deep sleep and the two are tasked with raising a dragon in order to wake her from her slumber.


Many different core systems will be implemented into Little Dragons Cafe gameplay. It will take on a Nintendog vibe and your character will be tasked with feeding your and training your baby dragon, you will have to produce and fish; similar to previous Harvest Moon games, and another major key factor is your character will have to cook! Players will have to cook meals for their hungry neighbors and aid them in solving their day to day problems. After completing these favors, your character will become more popular and customer’s happiness will increase.

There is still not a lot of information released from Aksys at this point in time. Askys has only released the main plot of the game, logo, and artwork featuring the game’s main characters. Aksys has been developing Little Dragons Cafe for about two years and it is set to release this summer.


Personally, I am very excited to play this game being that I have been on an Animal Crossing: New Leaf binge for the past month. I am hoping this game plays similarly to Rune Factory and not like Story of Seasons or recent Harvest Moons. I am interested to see how they implement all the different systems of gameplay because right now it seems really overwhelming. It is almost as if Askys is trying to combine multiple games into one, but if they do mold everything together nicely I do believe this will be a very addictive game for those who just like to relax and get lost in a fantasy world.


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