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JapanEverything is going digital. Becoming ‘smart’ as it were. Virtual humans are no exception. We at Geek Impulse wrote previously about Imma. The fact is that technology is getting better by the day and dare we say minutes. No job is safe in an uncertain future. Imma is a digital Instagram model. She has grown to over 60,000 followers. She models trendy streetwear from Japan, takes selfies and even does photo shoots with models designed like futuristic robots. She just achieved the previously unimaginable. She just in a makeup spread with two real models for Kate cosmetics in Vice’s i-D site in Japan.

Imma is the creation of ModelingCafe, a CGI firm that has worked on Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV, Shin Godzilla, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The attention to detail is still uncanny to us. Her signature pink hair and dark roots are all too real to the naked eye. ModelingCafe put female modelers in charge of Imma’s skin which is why she is so realistic and they are masters at the use of lighting to ensure seamless integration with real-world locations and materials.

In this makeup photo shoot we see human models Mayben and Aria who are wearing real as well as virtual makeup created by hair and makeup artist Torri. The creators for this project wanted to push the boundaries and see just how far they could go with the technology. To do that they needed a model who was 100% fake. The results are astounding. See the gallery below.

  • ModelingCafe Geek Impulse
  • ModelingCafe Geek Impulse
  • ModelingCafe Geek Impulse

To push the idea and sell it to the average person, the magazine did a typical advertorial interview with all the models, Imma included. ModelingCafe has ambitions to take Imma step further, eventually creating ultra-realistic animations of Imma that would make her nearly indistinguishable from a real person.

SAG-AFTRA (Union that represents actors) sees this and others such as Deep Fakes a real threat to the industry. The organization held a panel very recently discussing this topic. “I grew up in an era where I was asked, ‘Did you hear it with your own ears? Did you see it with your own eyes?'” said actress Heidi Johanningmeier. “We’ll never be able to trust that again.”

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