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Mirza Ghalib’s start anniversary: Lesser-known info, well-known couplets by means of the Urdu-Persian poet

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Lately marks the 224th birthday of Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan, famously identified by means of his pen title, ‘Ghalib’. He used to be born in 1797, in erstwhile India that used to be dominated by means of the Mughal Empire, in a while ahead of the British arrived.

Ghalib wrote in each Urdu and Persian languages, and whilst his Persian writing used to be longer than his Urdu writing, he’s remembered for his ‘shayaris’ or ‘couplets’ that he wrote in Urdu. For fanatics of poetry, he’s nonetheless a celebrated and respected poet now not simply in India, but in addition world wide.

The poet would achingly write about the whole lot — from romance to the on a regular basis mundane and the whole lot else that he watched unfurl round him. He used to be born in Kala Mahal in Agra, right into a circle of relatives of Mughals who then moved to Samarkand in present-day Uzbekistan. It used to be within the yr 1850 that the remaining Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar conferred on him the name of ‘Dabir-ul-Mulk’, which is similar to the Aristocracy. He served as a courtier within the royal court docket, used to be a tutor, and used to be additionally appointed as a royal historian.

Ghalib is thought to have began writing poetry from the age of eleven. And whilst his first language used to be Urdu, Persian and Turkish used to be additionally spoken at house. Curiously, he additionally won training in Arabic, and regarded as Hindi and Urdu as synonymous.

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Sadly, the celebrity and popularity that he won after his demise, and continues to obtain, avoided him when he used to be alive. His writings are hauntingly actual and etched within the reminiscences of generations of poetry fanatics.

Listed here are a few of his well-known couplets:

* Ishq ne Ghalib nikamma kar diya… Varna ham bhi aadmi the kaam ke
This love has made me a nugatory particular person, Ghalib, in a different way, I was a person of substance, as soon as

* Mohabbat mein nahin hai farq jiine aur marne ka… Usi ko dekh kar jiite hain jis kafir pe dam nikle
In love, there’s no distinction between existence and demise do know… The very one for whom I die, existence too does bestow

* Dil-e-naadaan tujhe huaa kya hai? Aakhir iss dard kee dawa kya hai?
Oh naive middle, what has came about to you? What’s the remedy for this ache, in any case?

* Ishq par zor nahin hai ye woh aatish, ‘Ghalib’… Jo lagaaye na lage, aur bujhaaye na bane
We don’t have any regulate over love, it’s any such hearth that can’t be kindled or snuffed at our personal want

* Aage aati thi hal-e-dil pe hansi… Ab kisi baat par nahi aati
Not anything now could make me smile, I as soon as used to giggle at my middle’s personal plight

Ghalib died within the yr 1869.

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