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McDonald’s Japan rolled out a ‘Tokyo Roast Beef Burger’




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McDonalds Japan described the burger as written in their campaign literature, uses some rather misleading language to make us believe otherwise:


It’s a burger with juicy 100 percent beef and roast beef with the strong sensation of delicious meat sandwiched between two baguette style buns.


Although they did not say exactly that the roast beef was 100 percent, by McDonalds Japan putting it right next to the description of the 100-percent all beef patty, connecting the two would be a mistake anyone would make. Commenters online felt the same way and voiced their displeasure with the situation. 






This has made the national TV news in Japan. McDonald’s has been called out by the Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency over a misleading advertisement, and has since apologized for it. The consumer protection authority had filed the order on terms that the fast-food company violated the Law Against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations. This is for displaying the product attractively as opposed to its way of making it. The Tokyo roast beef burger was advertised last year August on TV commercials and other media platforms. McDonalds Japan was given a recurrence prevention order. 




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