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Everybody was Kung Fu fighting…

On May 2nd, a Kung Fu school wanted to grow its business by heading to the shopping center in Changsha, in the Chinese province of Jiangsu. Their intentions? To hand out flyers. Little did they know, a Taekwondo school had a similar idea and decided to distribute ads for their school. If you think this is the way every martial arts movie stereotypically start, well you would be right. The two rival martial arts groups started to rumble in the mall over Kung Fu vs Taekwondo. They traded kicks, insults, and punches while shoppers watched in amazement. Yes, this really happened and we have the video to prove it.

As you can see from the video, two groups of different martial arts backgrounds got into an argument. Things escalated quickly and fists and kicks started flying. Being family-friendly was not in their minds at this point as insults and bad language was heard. The police showed up as soon as they could, but not before other martial artists joined in what became a battle royal. What it looks like is that the Taekwondo students got beaten up really bad in this Kung Fu vs Taekwondo impromptu event. Not sure if that is good publicity that will help them recruit new students.

Rumors are circulating that Korea National Daily applauded the Taekwondo students for submitting and getting on the ground for police officers. It seems they are trying to spin what actually happened.

I think the gym bros kicked the s*** out of tkd [taekwondo], and when the cops were called, tkd crowd who were standing, just all faked injury and getting the gym into trouble,” one user commented below the video.

Nicolas Atkin, South China Morning Post

What are your thoughts? Are you a martial artist? If so what do you practice? Lets us know.

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