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Junji Ito Frankenstein - Geek Impulse



When it comes to the horror genre of manga, Junji Ito is the best of the best. Ito at the moment has more than enough work to keep him busy with his passion. Your nightmares will come true at the hand of the legendary Junji Ito. With a massive fanbase in the west, his work is being collected and translated and published for consumption. 


With 400-pages to read in the hard cover edition from Viz Media, Ito adapts Mary Shelley’s iconic tale. There is several short stories to read with it as well. Stories about phantasms and blob people who are grotesque. The collection also includes a couple slightly-less-scary stories about Ito’s family dog, Non-Non the Maltese. Previously, Ito has released a manga about his cats, which is something everyone can get behind, Cats…






What do you all think about this manga? Will you buy it? Are you a fan of Ito? comment and let us know. 





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