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Star Wars TV Show?


I have always loved Star Wars since I was a kid. However the recent movies have not lived up to what I would want from the franchise. I am not the only either. Many fans have voiced their opinion on what has happened to Star Wars since Disney has taken over. With that being said though I still get hopeful when a new Star Wars is announced.


For those of you who are a fan of the Iron Man franchise from the MCU, then you know who Jon Favreau is. He is said to be writing and producing a live-action Star Wars TV show. As you may or may not know, Disney is set to be creating it’s own direct to consumer streaming service. The new Star Wars show will be part of that service. Well Played Disney, well played.


This won’t be Favreau’s first time working in the Star Wars universe. He provided the voice for Pre Vizsla in the animated series The Clone Wars and will voice an alien in the upcoming spin-off movie Solo: A Star Wars Story. Star Wars creator George Lucas was planning a series back in 2012 called Underworld that was to take place between Episode III and Episode IV, and reportedly 50 scripts were written before the Disney deal canceled the project.


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