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Japanese Swimsuit Idols Geek Impulse

© Model Mitsuki Katase

Outside of the Japan, very few know of a site for all things Japanese Swimsuit Idols. The website called Jigadoribu is a site that doe not shy away from the fact that it hosts millions of photos of swimsuit models from Japan. The site’s mission is to collect and catalog these privately taken snapshots of exhibitionism.

To understand the site we first need to know how it got its name. In order to do that we have to look at the etymology of the word Jigadori, and learn the kanji characters for it as we go along. First, we’ve got ji / 自, which means “self.” We’re going to combine that with the kanji 画, which means “picture” and is read as kaku when it’s by itself. Put it in a compound with another kanji, though, and the pronunciation changes to ga, so our combination of 自画 becomes jiga or a picture of oneself.

Here are a couple of models to follow on Twitter if you want to skip the website

Japanese Swimsuit Idols Geek Impulse
© Model @hikaru06kon
Japanese Swimsuit Idols Geek Impulse
© Model @yuuki_chika

Some of these idols better known in Japan as gurabia actually build a large brand around themselves and go on to have thousands of dedicated fans. This is very similar to the popular Japanese Music Idols we all love. These gravure idols make a sizable living and are able to travel and seemingly grow year by year.

This is the point in which the article ends, be sure to click the links in the article to head over to the website to check out the hundreds of Swimsuit idols and find your favorite. Here at Geek Impulse, we like to highlight Japanese Pop Culture in all its forms (mostly). There are things we definitely do not venture into but rest assured you can also find weird Japanese stories as well as we will seek them out and bring them to you. If you know the American site Patreon, well have you heard of the Japanese Idol site known as CHEERZ? If not click the link. Side note, we do not make money off the links in our articles at the moment. If ever we do, we will make sure to let you know something is sponsored. What are your thoughts on these Japanese Swimsuit Idols? Let us know.

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