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‘ I Don’t Wanna Hang Dry Wall ‘






The new industrial-looking HRP-5P  ( AIST ) reminds us of something you see running after you once it escaped the facility that was holding it. With that being said it will probably just help you hang drywall. Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology has apparently taken some design inspiration from Boston Dynamic’s ATLAS, which allows for all the motors, sensors as well as electronics out in the open. 



Can be used in Japan to help fill in for the manual-labor work force that isn’t being filled by the aging population. So in the US, this would obviously not fly but it isn’t meant to completely replace human labor just yet. Also, a robot like the HRP-5P is programmed to do the job accurately and has data sets + AI tech that will allow it to make way way more accurate measurements/cuts/positioning than any human will every be able to do. Why measure twice when you have a computer that measures perfectly? Robots will hardly make mistakes in this field. ( The Izzz )



AIST - Geek Impulse - HRP-5P
AIST Humanoid robot prototype HRP-5P



According to The Verge:

AIST imagines the HRP-5P being used on construction sites in response to Japan’s aging population and labor shortages. The research institute is aiming for autonomous replacement of labor at assembly sites for large structures, such as buildings, houses, aircrafts, and ships.

According to a 2013 Oxford University study that quantifies the likelihood of job automation, it actually places the extremely specific job of ‘Drywall Installer’ at a 79 percent chance of being replaced by robots.



What are your thoughts on this Robot taking over construction sites around the world one day? Let’s discuss…




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