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J-diete RIDE - Geek Impulse


Japan gives us more Humanoid Robots. The real: I, Robot from the film of the same name, I predict will come from Japan. A look into the future where man lives among robots coexisting. I say this because A SoftBank Group Corp. subsidiary and two other firms have developed a prototype of a two-seat humanoid robot that can transform into a car for use in amusement parks, the companies said Thursday. According to the Japan Times. 

J-diete RIDE - Geek Impulse
A new transforming robot called “J-deite RIDE” that transforms itself into a passenger vehicle, developed by Brave Robotics Inc, Asratec Corp and Sansei Technologies Inc, is unveiled at a factory near Tokyo, Japan, April 25, 2018. Photo: Reuters


The “J-deite RIDE” robot was created from the mind of Kenji Ishida, CEO of Brave Robotics. Ishida says he is a fan of anime movies featuring Gundam. J-deite is blue and white and measures 3.7-metres (12 feet) tall and can carry two passengers as it transforms into a car or humanoid form. J-diete weighs 1.6-tons. On two legs its pace is agonizingly slow. J-deite paces 100 meters per hour but goes 60 kph in vehicle mode. The electric car can be driven both manually and by remote control.




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