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IZ*ONE is coming back soon and we have your juicy details below.

On May 19, IZ*ONE Summer Comeback was stated by their management who shared a notice via their fan cafe to announce that the group will be releasing their third mini album on June 15. The statement reads, “The members are currently hard at work on the last stages of the album production, and they are devoting themselves to choreography practice so they can present you with a higher quality performance.”

It is also said that with the broadcast of the reality show, IZ*ONE will also mention their comeback. Fans would also be able to see the members’ self-cams in their dormitories, interviews and special messages to their fans. Fans are excited about the news of the new season of “IZ*ONE CHU” and could not wait to see the girls again. They ‘re also waiting for confirmation of Swing Entertainment ‘s return news.

In previous articles we mentioned that in June, top K-Pop girl groups such as TWICE , BLACKPINK , Red Velvet sub-unit (Irene and SeulGi) and so on will also be making a comeback and now we have the news about IZ*ONE Summer Comeback.

Following the 2018 Korean debut album [COLOR*IZ], the 2nd mini album, [HEART*IZ], released last April, topped both domestic and international charts as well as breaking the first record of its own. IZ*ONE proved their global presence with their sold out ‘EYES ON ME’ tour, garnering more than 80,000 people in 8 overseas regions, and now continues to prove their boundless growth with their confirmed comeback after a 10-month hiatus.

Sources: Official-IZone

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