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Just like in the past years the Pokémon Café is offering a special Halloween Menu for Tokyo in 2020 as well. This year you can enjoy a special meal set that is based on food and drinks from the Nintendo Switch Game Pokémon Café Mix.

The Halloween Menu

This year‘s Halloween set consists of a main dish and a drink. The dish is a cheese Doria (Japanese dish that is similar to gratin but with a rice base) that comes with different salads. The drink is a 2 layer-fruit drink with cream and pastry on the top. The set cost 3309 yen and comes with a plastic mask case as a take-home gift.

The dish is arranged to make it look like Mimikyu and it looks really cute, but I didn’t really get a lot of Halloween vibes. Behind the Doria, there were two kinds of salad, a green salad and a Japanese pumpkin salad. The head of the Mimikyu is a cooked egg. The Doria tasted good, however, I would have appreciated if it had been covered in cheese a little more evenly.

The drink had a very fruity taste and was quite sweet. It came with a lot of crushed ice and had cassis flavour. With the orange and purple colours, the drink did feel a little more like Halloween.

A downgrade compared to last Year

Looking at the Halloween menu of 2019 in comparison to Tokyo in 2020 it was was a little disappointing. Last year they three dishes available that better conveyed the Halloween spirit. Also, a limited Pikachu Halloween plate was for sale and the Café was decorated with Halloween Pokémon plushies. This year there is only one dish, no Halloween goods and in the Café, there was no Halloween decoration at all. I assume they might have had different plans which fell victim to the pandemic.

One of the Halloween dishes from 2019

Corona measures with Pokémon Plushies

At the Pokémon Café currently, several corona measures are in place. Customers need to have their temperature checked and disinfect their hands when entering. Also, customers have to wear masks when in the Café except for when you are at your table and eating.

The number of customers is reduced and tables and seats that are not in use are occupied by Pokémon plushies that even have a plastic food model in front of them. I like this attention to detail and the food models might also be helpful to help to decide which meal you want to order.

A social distance Pikachu enjoying its meal

All in all, I enjoyed the Halloween menu but would h19ave appreciated more options to choose from. Also, a little bit of Halloween decoration would have been nice, too.

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