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Golden Chamber Japan Science Geek Impulse

Kamioka Observatory, ICRR (Institute for Cosmic Ray Research), The University of Tokyo

The neutrino detector Super-Kamiokande or the ” Golden Chamber ” at the Kamioka Observatory at the University of Tokyo, is a physics experiment that is 15 stories big and underneath a mountain of Japan.

Beneath Mount Ikeno is the location for the Golden Chamber. Some might argue that it looks like something from a super-villain in a comic. The Super-Kamiokande or Super-K as it is being coined is a neutrino detector. For those unaware, neutrinos are sub-atomic particles that travel through space and has no problem passing through matter as if the matter was not there. These particles assist scientist around the world in understanding how our universe works and can detect dying stars.

The Super-K doesn’t catch neutrinos coming from space. In Tokai, Japan there sits the T2K experiment that fires a beam of neutrinos through the earth directly picked up by the Super-K on the opposite side of the country. This allows them to better understand how neutrinos oscillate through matter. This gives scientist clues as to how matter and ant-matter function in the universe. Below is a slide show of the Super-K

  • Golden Chamber Japan Science Geek Impulse
  • Golden Chamber Japan Science Geek Impulse
  • Golden Chamber Japan Science Geek Impulse
  • Golden Chamber Japan Science Geek Impulse

According to Cyberden .com

In order for the light from these shockwaves to reach the sensors, the water has to be cleaner than you can possibly imagine. Super-K is constantly filtering and re-purifying it, and even blasts it with UV light to kill off any bacteria. Which actually makes it pretty creepy.

When Super-K needs maintenance, researchers need to go out on rubber dinghies to fix and replace the sensors.

“Water that’s ultra-pure is waiting to dissolve stuff into it,” said Dr Uchida. “Pure water is very, very nasty stuff. It has the features of an acid and an alkaline.” “If you went for a soak in this ultra-pure Super-K water you would get quite a bit of exfoliation,” said Dr Wascko. “Whether you want it or not.”

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