August 7, 2022


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GIS knowledge to attract up menace evaluation maps for dengue and chikungunya

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May the uncommon Kyasanur Woodland Illness be spreading to the jap portions of the rustic? How does paddy cultivation impact the choice of Jap Encephalitis instances? May filariasis be present in puts in the past unknown? Researchers from the Vector Keep an eye on Analysis Centre had been the use of satellite tv for pc knowledge to respond to those questions.

A staff on the institute has been the use of satellite tv for pc knowledge on soil sort, rainfall, crop top, wooded area density amongst different parameters to increase geographical, time-dependent and menace evaluation maps of a number of vector-borne illnesses equivalent to dengue and chikungunya. Their paintings now not best is helping in higher predicting outbreaks, it has modified the working out of the place the illness is located.


A rustic-wide transmission menace map of lymphatic filariasis was once created by means of researchers from the institute the use of geographic data gadget and environmental parameters equivalent to soil texture, altitude, temperature, rainfall and relative humidity. Despite the fact that a national Nationwide Filaria Keep an eye on Programme was once began within the nation as early on as 1955, there have been 190 districts that remained un-surveyed to peer whether or not the illness was once endemic to those spaces.

When the researchers used modelling to create the chance map, they realised that the illness was once endemic – inflicting an infection in a geographical space – in 113 of those districts. “To test the findings, we additionally performed floor surveys in round 90 puts. We discovered that the type was once extraordinarily correct. What we discovered on floor matched the findings of our map 92.8 in step with cent. This presentations the significance of such fashions. It reduces the desire for accomplishing surveys which might be man-power in depth,” stated Dr S Sabesan, adjunct professor on the institute.

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He stated, “Those 113 endemic districts had been sooner or later added beneath the nationwide programme.” The nationwide filaria programme specializes in controlling the mosquito inhabitants and detection and remedy of filarial carriers.

Filariasis is led to by means of parasites transmitted by means of mosquitoes and blackflies. Despite the fact that maximum instances are asymptomatic, probably the most distinguishing symptom of the illness is lymphatic filariasis, sometimes called elephantiasis – swelling of the legs, fingers, and genitals on account of the wear and tear to the lymphatic gadget.


The researchers from the institute use spectral signatures – the wavelength of sunshine mirrored again to a satellite tv for pc — from rising paddy plants to predicting the chance for unfold of Jap Encephalitis, a viral an infection transmitted by means of mosquitoes that reasons irritation within the mind.

“The largest predictor for the unfold of the an infection is the mosquito inhabitants. The mosquitoes that unfold the an infection are in truth zoophilic, which means they like biting animals. But if their inhabitants explodes, there’s a spill-over and a few finally end up biting people. Each degree of paddy enlargement has a special spectral signature, so we had been in a position to affiliate the specific degree of enlargement with vector abundance. So, if all different elements like presence of host and climate are conducive, we will be able to inform when a deadly disease may occur,” stated Dr Sabesan.

India reviews any place between 1,000 and a couple of,000 instances of the an infection once a year, with about 200 to 300 deaths, consistent with knowledge from the Nationwide Vector Borne Illness Keep an eye on Programme. Many of the infections are gentle and result in signs equivalent to fever, headache, and vomiting. It could actually additionally result in altered psychological standing and seizures in some.

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The illness got here to limelight when greater than 60 youngsters in UP’s Gorakhpur died at a clinic dealing with an oxygen disaster. By the way, it was once the Puducherry institute that confirmed lots of the deaths had been in truth led to by means of every other mite-borne an infection known as scrub typhus.


Protecting its successes with risk-mapping of more than a few illnesses, the institute is now set to peer whether or not the uncommon an infection first detected in forests of Karnataka has been spreading north or even in jap states of the rustic. KFD is a haemorrhagic fever – a illness that results in inner bleeding — led to by means of an endemic transmitted by means of ticks. Instances of the an infection and deaths had been reported from the western states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, and Maharashtra.

“The exchange in land use patterns and thinning forests are the most efficient predictors of the superiority of the an infection. The use of GIS knowledge we will be able to do menace mapping for the illness to peer if it is increasing in opposition to the north,” stated Dr Sabesan. The type will attempt to resolve local weather exchange and different elements which may result in transmission of the an infection in different portions of the rustic.

At the side of the mapping and on-ground verification of the findings, researchers from the institute are about to adopt a venture to review whether or not the disease-causing tick carried the virus throughout India, together with the jap portions of the rustic. The venture additionally goals to peer whether or not the folk in those areas had been in the past uncovered to the an infection.

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“This shall be accomplished in undertaking mode. Rather than mapping, all of the data that we collect will assist us in growing a plan for getting rid of the an infection. Our researchers will paintings on growing diagnostics and vaccines in opposition to the an infection,” stated Dr Ashwani Kumar, director, VCRC.

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